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Job seeker resources

Five free Nancy Longo resources for job seekers:

Do you have a college degree and finding it tough to get hired? Feeling like you don’t know where you’re going wrong with your job search? 

Look through these resources, connect with your community of job seekers, mentors and companies hiring, and then - let's get you hired!

1. Nancy Longo on YouTube

  • YouTube

2. Motivational tips to get you started

  • Instagram

3. Daily news on TikTok

Stories from the street. Get inspired by how others got their first job

  • TikTok
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4. Connect on LinkedIn

Connect with Nancy Longo and get seen.

  • LinkedIn

5. Newsletter

Regular motivation and job-hunting tips from Nancy direct to your inbox.


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Get hired: Stop the job hunt insanity: Practical, necessary and daily job hunt steps plus critical reminders to get you hired

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