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Nancy Longo

“I see the hiring industry becoming more personable. A human-centered approach that reduces frustration and disappointment for both job seekers and hiring managers. A community of people supporting each other to get hired and grow careers. We’ll have better employee-company matches and a more successful hiring process for everyone.”

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Nancy Longo is a seasoned journalist with over 20 years of experience in TV and business. She has covered top industry leaders and politicians, hosted business shows, and is passionate about helping companies to succeed. As an author, media expert, and business owner, she has worked with top professionals and is known for her friendly and dedicated personality.

Today, we see how difficult it is to break through the job application algorithms. How challenging it is for employers to find talent and for job seekers to get hired. Many people today have been hired in roles because of who they know, but how do you get to know the right people who are looking for someone just like you? 


How Nancy Longo solves that problem:


Nancy Longo uses her video and storyteller skills to get the scoop on:

  • Companies with openings and show why they are great

  • Stories from the street - discover how real people get hired

  • Free resources to help job seekers get hired

Nancy in action

JOB 5-Jody Degroot 4-12-22 1
Advice from Deborah
Job 5-Duncan Drechsel
JOB 5-Grayson Slattery 4-12-22

 Invite Nancy to film at your company or event

Take advantage of Nancy’s on-camera journalist skills. 

  • Together we tell a story

  • Interview employees and share your culture

  • Shoot scenes in your office or at an event

  • Keep the digital files for future promotion

  • Amplify your hiring story on Nancy Longo digital media platforms

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